It’s been a great run, but’s time in the limelight has drawn to a close. What used to be a thriving gaming and anime enthusiast site has endured and persisted through many changes, and has borne witness to “life happening”... members in their ‘teens when they joined, now adults with families. High school kids now graduating college with Master’s degrees. Old people getting older (ha!).

    As time has passed and everyone moves on with their lives, our interests change and get prioritized differently. Maybe there’s just not time for spending hours in a chatroom discussing the pro’s and con’s of GERWALK mode, or the cuteness of Chiyo’s detachable pigtails, or Ranma’s ever-present dilemma of taking a hot or cold shower. Maybe you realise you’re no longer a 12 year old korean child and thus will never be competitive at real-time strategy games ever again. 

    Anime encodes on DALnet and Rizon... Legend of the Red Dragon... private kRO server... first North American Linkshell on Caitsith to defeat Dynamis Lord... Team Finesse... good times, man, good times...

Stormshadow, Garrison, Thelittlesthobo, Brokensword, Mashiyuu, Jander, Rhionne, Saltatrix, Slickmcfilthy, Gasutoman, Leilani, Aex, Tudar, Orunitia, Squishie. Not  pictured: Akrasia, Lazycricket, Neosaber, Reinheart, Toonces, Wills, Xyne

    Some of us still do keep in contact, whether through playing the same video games (Final Fantasy XI, and now XIV), Facebook, texts, email, etc. Some are more active talkers than others, some just like to lurk and come up for air every now and again (nothing new under the sun, right).

    If any of our extended AMLS family that we’ve lost contact with ever see this and want to reconnect, drop an email to:
“kinjin (dot) zeta (at) gmail (dot) com”
We’d all love to hear from you.